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Citizen U.S.A.

"Deeply moving" - Wall Street Journal

"Treat yourself" - The Washington Post

"A homemade patriotic valentine, complete with ribbons, streamers and enough flag-waving to create the sensation of an actual breeze emanating from your flat screen" - Los Angeles Times

"Such an unabashed love letter to the country that you almost expect fireworks to burst through the TV screen at the end" - Associated Press

Come along on an epic road trip across America to all 50 states to meet a diverse group of brand new citizens from over a hundred different countries to find out why they chose America. Inspired by her Dutch-born husband Michiel Vos's desire to become a U.S. citizen, Pelosi attends naturalization ceremonies in all 50 states and also talks with notable first-generation Americans, including Madeline Albright, Arianna Huffington, Henry Kissinger, and Gene Simmons. By looking at America through the eyes of our newest citizens, we can see how much we take for granted. We can learn a lot from those who became American by choice.

New York Post

New York Daily News